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Aerospace Legacy Foundation (ALF) is a community based non-profit organization (501c3) including aerospace retirees and the public at large. Preserving Southern California's Aerospace and Aviation History including Downey's aerospace legacy.

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Downey Studios

"The Downey Studios was a production studio in Downey, California. The studio featured 320,000 square meters (79 acres) of indoor and outdoor production space including a 4,600-square-meter (50,000 sq ft) building and a 23,000 square meters (250,000 sq ft) building which was home of the largest indoor water tank in North America. A suburban residential street backlot with 5 complete homes and 11 facades was also available at the studio.

The studios were created out of the former Rockwell International plant where the Space Shuttle orbiters as well as some vehicles for the Apollo space program were assembled. The studios occupied only a portion of the former plant with the Downey Landing shopping complex, a Kaiser Permanente hospital, a park, and Columbia Memorial Space Center museum taking up the remainder of the space. In October 2012, Downey Studios was being demolished to make way for the new "Downey Promenade" shopping center." Wiki


"I've tried to make the men around me feel… that we are embarked as pioneers… "
William Boeing 

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Northrop Flying Wing



"It was far from a perfect aircraft. Though sleek and maneuverable, the YB-49's range was far less than the original flying wing contract specifications. Another problem was its relatively small bomb bays. The XB-35 had been designed to hold WWII era bombs, not larger post-war versions. The larger bombs demanded the bay doors remain partially open in flight, adding significant drag, the very thing Northrop had been keen to eliminate with the flying wing design.

In spite of these issues, production moved forward and the first YB-49 was rolled out in Hawthorn on September 29, 1947. A month later on October 20, Max Stanley was again at the controls for the first taxi test. The very next day, the pilot took the jet-powered wing on its maiden flight, another run from Hawthorn to Muroc. It was an uneventful 34 minutes in the air." More Here


Remembering Vultee Aircraft

The Downey plant Produced over 13,500 BT-13 Trainer aircraft.

Vultee Aircraft plant in Downey WWII- Downey Historical Society Image             More on Vultee




 Howard Hughes & the XF-11