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Aerospace Legacy Foundation (ALF) is a community based non-profit organization (501c3) including aerospace retirees and the public at large. Preserving Southern California's Aerospace and Aviation History including Downey's aerospace legacy.

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Building 290- April 17, 2010

Hosted by the

Aerospace Legacy Foundation- Retirees / Members

 Financial Partners Credit Union            Downey Studios


North American Aviation, North American Rockwell, Rockwell International and Boeing retirees gather in Building 290 at Downey Studios, the former "Home of Apollo" in 2010.

Retiree Luncheon At Downey Studios

Aerospace Legacy Foundation- November 19, 2008


North American Aviation

Bald Eagles Reunion 2016

Mr. James Busby, former ALF President, at Bald Eagles Luncheon in 2016. Miss you Jim!

Mr. James Busby, former ALF President, at Bald Eagles Luncheon in 2016. Miss you Jim!


North American Aviation "Bald Eagles" Reunion

The Origin of the Bald Eagles

RC Young- Transcribed . About the North American Aviation Bald Eagles club.

PS) Among original members it was also called the "Old Farts Club" jokingly.  4-5-86

"Dear Herb: The origin of the Bald Eagles was the brain child of Gordon Throne. It was conceived a short time after the incorporation of Rockwell and North American.  There was a concern that the original founding employees of North American Aviation and Berliner Joyce would lose their identity and that the historic founding in Dundalk Maryland would fade away. This concern gained fruition in 1962 (or 1963) when Gordon contacted Chandler King, Bill Smith, Mary Dearfooe and myself to get our opinions and to see if we would serve on a committee to put together an organization. The first official committee meeting was held at Chan King's house. It was decided originally to limit membership to only those who had worked back east when Kindleberger started North American Aviation. In 1962 there were approximately 60 of the original back east employees living. Not all of them responded...

to our first banquet at which Throne was chairman.  Chandler King was chairman for the second banquet and I was chairman for the 3rd & 4th banquet meetings.  The first banquets were held at the Ramada Inn in Westchester and Elks Club in Inglewood.  It wasn't at least 5 years before it began to get almost complete attendance from the original back east founding North American Employees.  At some later time, it was decided by the original committee to open membership in the Bald Eagles to employees with 35 years’ service or more since our original founding employees were becoming extinct like the dinosaurs.  The name Bald Eagles was chosen immediately since the original North American logo was an eagle and it was decided that most of the founding employees were balding and that name suited and depicted their physical appearance. The Bald Eagles were helped financially in small contributions from "Canteen" funds from the Recreation Department under Ken Kellog but later became financially responsible. I may be fuzzy on the details, so please follow-up with Gordon Throne for details. Yours truly: R C Young"

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2017 55th Anniversary Photos

North American Aviation "Bald Eagles" last Reunion

NAA Bald Eagles 55th Luncheon

The program featured: 

* Social Hour

* Opening comments

* A tribute to the late, Sam Iacobellis with comments by Jim Albaugh

* Keynote Recollections plus Q&A by Jim Graham, grandson of Dutch Kindelberger

* A presentation from the Aerospace Legacy Foundation

* Parting comments from Ed Rusinek of the North American Aviation Retirees Bulletin

* Comments from current Bald Eagles chairman, Pete Magoski

Bald Eagles Luncheon 2017




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