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Aerospace Legacy Foundation (ALF) is a community based non-profit organization (501c3) including aerospace retirees and the public at large. Preserving Southern California's Aerospace and Aviation History including Downey's aerospace legacy.

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“Imagination will often carry us to worlds that never were, but without it we go nowhere.” 
― Carl Sagan


 Air Force Plant 16, North American Aviation, Downey, California, 1950's.

The former plant at 12214 Lakewood Boulevard is seen here in the 1950's loaded with Hound Dog Missiles on their carriers.

"The Hound Dog, originally designated B-77, was re-designated GAM-77 and then became the AGM-28. North American Aviation designed the missile so that two could be carried on specially modified B-52's, one beneath each wing. The navigation systems of the B-52 and the GAM-77 were integrated so that the B-52 navigator could cross-check data with the automated system in the Hound Dogs." Source- Boeing


Our Website is a CELEBRATION of Southern California aerospace history

About Us

  • A community based 501(c)(3) organization from Downey, California; since 1995, dedicated to preserving Southern California's aerospace history and the establishment of an aerospace learning center in Downey (2008).

  • Founded by Jeanne Claire Dowd , Ed Dowd and a small group of dedicated supporters.

  • Supporting the Columbia Memorial Space Center and collaborating with the center on projects supporting Downey's aerospace history and its exciting educational outreach (STEM).

  • Control a large collection of artifacts, photos and assets related to the former Downey NASA Industrial Site (Formerly Boeing and Rockwell International).

  • Affiliated with Financial Partners Credit Union, Downey Historical Society, Downey Coordinating Council and North American Aviation Bald Eagles Retirees.

  • Onsite for 10 years after the closing of the former Boeing plant, which became Downey Studios and now the Promenade of Downey. Performed "urban archaeology" at the site; the first plant building was built in 1929.

  • Sponsors of "Pioneers in Aviation, the Race to the Moon", a PBS production and future E-Book. We sponsor and participate in events related to aviation and aerospace and frequently speak on panels for such events.

  • Speaker's Bureau a resource for educators includes retired aerospace engineers and aerospace historians.

  • Images and archival material related to early aviation and aerospace programs from the Southern California area and the nation.

  • Extensive online Library of helpful links.

  • Retiree base of local aerospace workers with a special knowledge of Southern California aerospace history.

  • Involved in an on-going partnership to record and save oral histories of our former aerospace employees (Pioneers of Aerospace)

  • Advocating the establishment of a Welcome Center "archive" at the former Emsco Building, Vultee Rotunda or historic Kaufmann Wing as stated here.

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Apollo and Soyuz docking, 1975. Image credit David Meltzer NASA

Apollo and Soyuz docking, 1975. Image credit David Meltzer NASA

North American X-10

North American X-10



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